Protect Your Property From Water Damage

Take control of water in your building. Protect your property against water damage with leak mitigation technology and live monitoring.

Billions are lost each year due to water damage

Average commercial claim
$ 0
Spent annually in North America
~ 0 Billion
Gallons of water wasted in US annually due to leaks
1 Trillion
Of all claims by dollar value
0 %

Why do you need Eddy?

Eddy offers a full-service water management platform that includes solutions for leak detection, condition monitoring and water conservation.

By continuously monitoring flow, temperature, humidity and pressure within plumbing & mechanical systems, the system provides protection from water damage events, reducing out of pocket expenses, delays, rework, and insurance claims. Eddy also provides insights into water efficiency and predictive maintenance resulting in lower operating costs on water and avoidance of business and resident/tenant disruption due to losses.

leak mitigation for every type of building

Eddy’s purpose-built solutions provide protection against water damage.

Multi-Family Residential
Cut Down on Insurance Costs with Leak Protection for Multi-Family Residences.
Construction Projects
Protect Your Site Against Water Damage Throughout All Stages of Construction, With Solutions Designed for Each Phase.
Ensure Your Business Never Skips a Beat – Stay Open with Smart Leak Protection.
Hospitals, Education and Municipal

Ensure Uninterrupted Service – Prevent and Mitigate Water Leaks.

Keep Operations Smooth – Detect Leaks and Prevent Unexpected Downtime.
Hotels and Resorts

Preserve Your Hotel’s Reputation and Occupancy – Avoid Water Damage with Proactive Measures.

Expert Solutions for Leak Mitigation

Building Protection

Valves & sensors to detect leaks along major infrastructure and automatically turn off water.

Unit Protection

Additional sensors within the suite to protect at risk fixtures & appliances.

Smart Metering

Additional smart meters for water billing with the added feature of water shut off + flow logic to detect irregular flow.

“As the value of the water damage claim increases, so does the mitigation effectiveness in reducing loss amounts by utilizing water protection systems.”

Chris Greene

Director of Analytics

Trusted To Protect Over 100 Buildings Across North America

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