Water Damage is the #1 Risk to your Home


Major AND Minor leaks can lead to significant costs

Water Damage

Destruction of hardwood floors, carpet, drywall, and more


A long term problem that can seriously impact air quality and the health of you and your family

Meet Eddy

24x7 Monitoring

Instant Notifications

Remote and Automatic Shutoff

Usage Insights

How it Works

Eddy continuously monitors the water conditions in your home, sending you instant notifications to your MyEddyHome App.

If an issue is detected you have the ability to remotely shut off the water immediately, averting disastrous damage.

Our trained professionals are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – so an alert is never missed.

Protect Your Home In 3 Easy Steps



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and Setup

Our certified installer
will take care of everything.



the Protection

With Eddy, you can relax.
Your home is protected.

Award Winning Technology

Eddy Solutions took top honours as the Most Innovative Product at EnerQuality’s annual Housing Forum in February of 2017, and received a 2017 Water Canada Project/Technology award in June of 2017.

I feel a whole lot better having Eddy in my house, and strongly recommend it to customers.

Bob Finnigan, Chief Operating Officer, Heathwood Homes