Protect your property
from Water Damage

Eddy Solutions protects against water damage with intelligent technology and real time data
Why do you need Eddy Solutions

Why do you need Eddy?

Eddy’s comprehensive solutions provides enhanced protection against a property’s biggest risk, water.

Eddy Solutions is a market leading IoT-enabled Hardware, Network and Service Provider specializing in water monitoring and leak detection.

The system provides protection from water damage events, reducing out of pocket water damage costs, delays, rework, and insurance claims. Eddy also provides insights into water efficiency and predictive maintenance resulting in lower operating costs on water and avoidance of business and resident/tenant disruption due to losses.

Billions are lost each year due to:

Leak icon
Leaks, water damage, and costly repairs
Business Loss Icon
Business interruption (closed businesses during repair)
Insurance Icon
Insurance deductibles and rising premiums as a result of claims
Waste icon
Water wastage / lost resources

Water damage in numbers

0 %
of all claims by dollar value
~7 Billion

spent annually in North America

$ 5000
average commercial claim
1 trillion

gallons of water wasted in US annually due to leaks

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