Eddy Solutions and Latium Technologies Successfully Preventing Water Damage for Commercial and Multi-Residential Clients 


Eddy Smart Home Solutions Ltd.’s (Eddy Solutions) (TSXV: EDY) partnership with PCL Construction and Latium Technologies provides protection against water leaks for a broad spectre of PCL clients, including commercial, multi-family residential, and industrial buildings. We are proud to report that Eddy is showing tremendous results successfully mitigating risks in construction and operating buildings after only a short time since deployment.

Recently installed in a prominent US university campus in three locations, Eddy’s system protects over 580,000 Ftwith automatic and remote shutoff capabilities on the temporary and main lines, securing common areas with sensor protection, and tracking all anomalies and leaks. Only a few weeks after deployment, the system detected a significant incident and quickly shut off the water, preventing a substantial issue.

Eddy’s system was also implemented at a GTA (Greater Toronto Area) based hospital, another PCL project, which included intelligent leak protection for more than 300,000 Ft2. Again, after only weeks of deployment, Eddy’s system detected and mitigated a potentially catastrophic leak. Another PCL project, a 350,000 Ft2 high-rise luxury condominium, implemented Eddy during construction and into the finalized building, and the system caught several leaks over its first six months of deployment. 

Latium, a global technology provider, brings its JSI® platform to contractors and owners to proactively protect properties and help them realize lower insurance cost/comprehensive insurance coverage. As Latium’s first premier integration partner on the JSI® platform, Eddy has been deployed in multiple PCL commercial, multi-residential and industrial projects that successfully mitigated risk in construction as well as in operating buildings.

“Projects are protected from construction through to operational state, providing significant advantages to the contractor, the owner, and ultimately the end tenant” noted Mark Bryant, CEO of Latium Technology.

“Eddy’s ability to track the presence of water and swiftly act on this information has already prevented significant water related damages on PCL projects,” said John Boktor, Manager Digital Construction at PCL.

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