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The system is the most advanced water detection and flood prevention tool on the market. The system includes several components:
  1. The Eddy IQ unit which has a built-in remote and automatic water shut off.
  2. Eddy H2O sensors. Packages are available with either five or ten sensors. The sensors will be placed in high-risk areas for water detection. Sensor locations depend on the vulnerable areas of your specific home but may include sump pump, washing machine, fridge with icemaker/ water supply, hot water tank, and furnace humidifier.
  3. My Eddy App allows you to monitor usage and receive instant notifications from the system, right on your phone or desktop computer. You will be able to remotely shut off the water supply and even dispatch a plumber using the App.
  4. 24/7 centre monitoring to ensure all alerts are actioned and for full time customer support

Water is the biggest risk to your property, causing more in damages that any other risk. Water damage wreaks havoc on a home, destroying flooring, carpets, drywalls, and belongings. The Eddy system is more than just an alarm system for water issues in your home. Our IQ meter is designed to act when issues are detected, through our remote and automatic shutoff, to help mitigate the water damage. It is technology that gives you the ability to be connected to and in control of the water in your home – whether you are simply at the office or out of the country.

  1. Remote and Automatic Shutoff

    The IQ has a built-in automatic shutoff and provides homeowners with the ability to remotely shut their water off from anywhere in the world.

  2. Consumption/Flow Data

    The system tracks minute by minute, hourly, daily, and monthly water consumption and flow giving you insight into your water usage.

  3. Behavioural Learning

    The IQ is enabled with behavioural learning to gauge and record specific water usage patterns unique to your home, and significantly reduce false positives.

  4. Backup Battery

    The IQ is equipped with an additional battery to ensure it does not lose functionality in the event of a power outage.

  1. Leak Location

    Sensors are placed by major water sources and vulnerable areas in your home to provide the exact location of a leak.

  2. Humidity & Temperature

    Our sensors also monitor the humidity and temperature of your home.

  3. Communication to IQ

    When a leak is detected, the H2O communicates to the IQ, prompting an immediate automatic shutoff at the water main to prevent damage.

  1. Instant Notifications and Actions

    Receive notifications as soon as trouble arises, so you can take action to ensure your home is protected.

  2. 24/7 Monitoring

    Our service includes 24/7 monitoring support by our central monitoring station to ensure that an alert is always actioned.

  3. Service & Warranty

    Service and warranty are included as part of your monthly subscription fee.

  4. Installation Network

    Eddy’s installation network spans Canada and the US and includes in-house and independent but certified Eddy Experts – licensed plumbers and installers who have completed our certification program. We work closely with our Eddy Experts to ensure ongoing exceptional customer service.

Our Eddy IQ is installed directly on your home’s water main, and as such, must be installed by licensed plumber. Eddy has an extensive partnership network of certified Eddy Experts who will complete the installed. The booking process is seamless, as our Customer Service Team will contact you to coordinate an installation time.

The installation generally takes 45 minutes and is conducted by a licensed plumber (our Eddy Expert). During this process, your home’s water will be shut off for approximately 30 minutes. Upon set up, you will be given instructions to download and set up the Eddy App, where you can begin seeing your home’s water environment within about 24 hours of installation.

The Eddy IQ uses ultrasonic technology to track water consumption and is enabled with behavioural learning to gauge and record water usage patterns in your home. The sensormonitors moisture, humidity, and temperature. This information can be viewed by you on your My Eddy App.

Central monitoring provides peace of mind, knowing that protection is provided 24 hours / 7 days a week. An alert to your phone may be missed or ignored, and Central Monitoring will be there when you are not available. The Monitoring Centre would shut off the water remotely if you did not respond to the notification of a serious water event.

The shutoff valve needs to be tested once or twice per year, but no other maintenance is required. Sensor batteries can last up to six years and no battery replacement is required.

Once the IQ meter is installed, we have a 4-week discovery period during this time. Our system is learning and registering normal usage in your home and adjust our alerts and shutoff criteria accordingly based on the water environment for that home. Say for example, you have a pool in your home and you’re filling up your pool for the season.  This kind of usage might trigger and alert to you in the beginning – but not shut off the water, and once we learn that this is normal for your household, you will not receive an alert. Every few weeks, the system readjusts automatically to your home’s usage patterns, and seasonality changes so the system stays up to date.

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