The Eddy Suite of Products protects property from leaks and floods with Intelligent Water Monitoring technology.

Eddy IQ

The Eddy IQ is a 3-in-1 device utilizing LoRaWAN communication protocol to provide Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), remote valve shutdown and machine learning to accurately measure flow, detect leaks, and bill your customers for water consumption.

Eddy Valve

Our smart valves integrate with our Eddy Link to provide shutoff capabilities for various pipe sizes, ensuring that buildings are protected against water damage.

Eddy Link

The Eddy Link offers real-time, digital communication and analytics, measuring minute by minute water usage and identifying leaks and water issues. The Link's non-intrusive technology is a perfect complement to existing meter infrastructure and can integrate a shutoff valve if required.

Eddy H2O

Eddy H2O sensors monitor for the presence of water as well as provides a built-in temperature and humidity sensor.

Eddy Water Probe Sensor

This wireless sensor uses a water probe to detect the presence of water or other liquids. When water is detected, an alert is sent over the LoRaWAN Wireless Network.

Eddy Water Rope Sensor

The Water Rope Sensor is a wireless water leak sensor that allows for the monitoring of water presence utilizing a 1-meter-long rope.

Eddy Water Rope Sensor - Outdoor

This sensor is designed for outdoor use and features a waterproof, armoured case as well as a 1-meter-long rope. The wireless sensor alerts you instantly when water leaks are detected.

Eddy Temperature Probe Sensor

The wireless temperature sensor enables accurate, real-time temperature readings using an external temperature probe. An alert is sent over the wireless network if the temperature rises above or falls below the configured thresholds.