Eddy IQ

The Eddy IQ Meter utilizes cellular and Wi-Fi communications to provide Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) and Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), making it easy to accurately measure flow, detect leaks, and bill your customers for water consumption.


Wi-Fi , Cellular 


0 – 120 psi


Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery for continuous meter readings .

External battery-backup power supply providing an additional 48-72 hours of functionality during power outages

Auto-switching 100-240V 50/60- Hz ~ 0.5A AC/DC adapter


190mm x 82mm x 101mm (7.5″ x 3.25″ x 4″)

Technical Features – Eddy IQ

Reading Interval

Real-time with hourly reports

Key Readings

– Volumetric flow
– Temperature
– Pressure (optional)


– 0.1 litres / minute
– No accuracy loss over time
– No pressure loss over time

Key Benefits – Eddy IQ

Automatic Shut-off

  • – Programmable minor leak shutoff
  • – Programmable major leak shutoff

Leak Detection

  • – Major leak and minor leak distinction, detection, and notification

Eddy Link

The Eddy Link offers real-time, digital communication and analytics, measuring minute by minute water usage and identifying leaks and water issues.
The Link’s non-intrusive technology is a perfect complement to existing meter infrastructure and can integrate a shutoff valve if required.


LoRa , Cellular


5V USB Micro jack for up to DN50 (2″) valve actuation, or 24VDC auxiliary jack for up to DN450 (18″) valve actuation


Control Unit: 120mm x 100mm x 20mm; (4.7″ x 3.9″ x 0.8″)
Mounting Plate: 107mm x 92mm x 13mm; (4.2″ x 3.6″ x 0.5″)

Technical Features – Eddy Link

Valve control

5-wire control (FWD, REV, OPEN, CLOSE, GND) to connect with off-the-shelf valves

AWWA UI-1203 Reader

Connects to meters that support the “Sensus” protocol for reading the odometer. These include Sensus, Neptune, Badger, and Mueller meters which together represent over 90% of the water meter market

Probe-based leak sensor

Capacitive leak-sensor to allow the connection of probes or prong cables allowing wired leak sensing within a close proximity of the Link.

Can support

Single metering, single valve control, or metering and valve control together.

LoRa/LoRaWAN connectivity

Connectivity to Eddy HUB or LoRaWAN network.

Eddy H20

Eddy H2O sensors monitors for the presence of water as well as provides a built-in temperature and humidity sensor, improving comfort, health, and convenience.


Wi-Fi , Cellular ,LoRa (LoRaWAN ready)


Primary Lithium Battery
6-year lifetime (nominal)


58mm x 45mm x 17mm (2.2″ x 1.7″ x 0.6″)


ISED: 22180-H2OV2
LoRa Alliance (pending)

Technical Features – Eddy H2O

Temperature sensor range

-10°C to 85°C

Humidity sensor range

0% to 100%


Immediate notification on water contact

Configurable periodic notification,
e.g. once per second/day/week/month

Configurable humidity swing notification
e.g. humidity has fluctuated by 10% since last notification

Configurable temperature swing notification
e.g. temperature has fluctuated by 10°C since last notification


Water contact sensor to be used under water heaters, sinks, washing machines, or any place that is a leak/overflow risk

Humidity and temperature sensors for zone HVAC control

Humidity and temperature sensors to notify of mold growth potential

Humidity and temperature sensors to monitor humidors, cellars, and other appliances

Used with the Eddy IQ to provide unparalleled protection against water damage

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