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Accurately bill your clients remotely. Promote sustainability, reduce operational costs, and help your customers manage their water usage more effectively. 

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Measure Usage Offsite

Measure water usage remotely. Offsite monitoring provides real-time data on consumption, helping to quickly identify leaks and other issues. Accurate usage measurements lead to more precise billing and better resource management.

Easy Billing

Simplify the billing process by providing detailed data on water usage. Easily generate accurate bills based on actual consumption. This transparency builds trust with customers and reduces billing disputes, streamlining operations for utility providers.

Reduced Operating Costs

Remote monitoring decreases the need for manual meter reading and on-site inspections, saving time and labor. Additionally, early leak detection and precise usage data help minimize water waste, leading to more efficient resource allocation.


Eddy’s wireless technology allows for seamless installation and operation of submetering systems without the need for extensive cabling. This flexibility makes it easier to retrofit existing properties and scale the system as needed. Wireless communication ensures reliable data transmission, enabling utility companies to maintain accurate and up-to-date records of water usage.


Security is a top priority at Eddy Solutions. Our submetering systems are designed with robust encryption and secure data protocols to protect sensitive information. Utility companies can trust that their clients' data is safe from unauthorized access and cyber threats. Secure data handling ensures compliance with industry standards and enhances customer confidence in the system.


Eddy’s submetering technology allows utility companies to remotely measure water usage, simplifying billing and reducing operating costs. The system provides accurate, real-time data, enabling better resource management and early leak detection.
No, Eddy’s wireless submetering system is designed for easy installation with minimal disruption. The wireless technology eliminates the need for extensive cabling, making it suitable for both new builds and retrofits of existing properties.
Eddy’s submetering systems use robust encryption and secure data protocols to protect sensitive information. Utility companies can trust that their clients’ data is secure from unauthorized access and cyber threats, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

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