Water Protection for High Rise & Multi-Dwelling Units


Water Damage: Is Your Building at Risk?

Last year, a building in Toronto had a pipe burst in a unit on its 12 floor. The incident caused more than $5,000,000 in damages and displaced more than 50 residents for three months. Worse still, the building’s insurance company was refusing coverage for future water related incidents.

The rising risk of water damage is affecting millions of condo dwellers, and IoT water monitoring can help.

Whether you live in a condo, apartment, or single dwelling home, water damage is your biggest risk. Most property owners do not realize that they are 12 times more likely to experience a significant water damage incident than a fire. In fact, water damage claims have grown to account for 48% of all claims seen in Canada.

Among the most vulnerable to damages are high rise/multi-dwelling units (also referred to as ‘Multi Unit Residential Buildings’ or ‘MURBs’). These buildings face significant risk from regular equipment wear and tear (say, a hot water boiler leaking), human error (like leaving your bathtub running), and water issues from communal areas (for example, a toilet overflowing in your building’s gym bathroom).

Water issues can turn downright disastrous in multi-dwelling scenarios when you factor in the sheer volume of property affected and the resulting displacement of residents following a major water issue.

IoT and Water Damage Prevention in MDUs

Enter Internet of Things (IoT) powered water/leak protection that triggers alerts the moment water is detected. Water monitoring solutions can act as an alert system that detects the presence of water, notifying the property manager and/or resident so that action can be taken, or may consist of a remote/automatic shutoff system at the main that enables users to shut off their water immediately if a leak is detected. Some solutions employ both a sensor and shutoff valve that enables immediate detection and water shutoff as part of a closed-loop system.

One standout example is the integration of the Eddy 24/7 Monitoring Centre. This advanced service enhances traditional IoT solutions by providing round-the-clock surveillance of water systems in multi-dwelling units. The Monitoring Centre uses sophisticated analytics to process the data received from IoT devices across the property, allowing for the identification of potential issues before they escalate. This proactive approach ensures that property managers are alerted to anomalies such as unusual water usage patterns or potential leaks, enabling swift action to prevent extensive damage and costly repairs.

The previously mentioned building employed a comprehensive IoT solution that included more than 1,500 LoRaWAN enabled leak detection sensors along with a property manager dashboard that alerted not just the unit owner, but the property manager as well in the event of a water incident. With the addition of the Eddy 24/7 Monitoring Centre, this system gains an extra layer of security and efficiency, providing peace of mind to both residents and property managers.

In less than 60 days, the technology identified 17 separate water issues, including:

  • A lobby toilet overflowing
  • Two occurrences of dishwashers overflowing (user-driven)
  • Four occurrences of leaking washing machines
  • More than seven heat exchangers that required draining
  • Two alerts initiated due to frozen heat exchangers
  • A leaking valve in the boiler room

In all instances, the Property Manager was alerted to the issues, prompting actions that mitigated damage. Left unchecked and unmonitored, the damages and costs would have been significant. Furthermore, the system provided their insurer with the assurances needed to continue coverage for the building.

IoT-powered technology has taken hold in all facets of MDU living, and with the integration of services like the Eddy 24/7 Monitoring Centre, water damage mitigation is an essential part of the overall connected living space. With proactive controls in place, condo owners and property managers never need to worry about water damage, mold growth, or being displaced due to damage.

Best IoT Solution for Comprehensive Water Damage Prevention

The Eddy Leak Protection System exemplifies the next generation of water management and flood prevention technology. Designed to cater to a diverse range of properties, this system provides tailored solutions for high-rise buildings, commercial spaces, multi-dwelling units (MDUs), hospitality venues, institutional facilities, industrial settings, and even construction projects.

Key Components of the Eddy Leak Protection System:

  • The Eddy IQ: At the heart of the system is the Eddy IQ, an advanced controller that integrates both remote and automatic water shutoff capabilities. This controller can be customized to meet the specific needs of larger properties, ensuring a flexible and robust response to any signs of water danger.
  • Eddy H2O Sensors: These critical components are scalable to fit the size and complexity of any property. Deployed in areas most vulnerable to water leaks—such as plumbing lines, HVAC systems, commercial kitchens, bathrooms, and basements—the sensors provide immediate detection of water presence, allowing for swift preventive action.
  • Eddy Dashboard: An essential tool for real-time monitoring, the Eddy Dashboard enables property managers or maintenance teams to keep a close watch on water environment in the building. The sends sends instant notifications upon detecting irregularities and allows for remote control of the water supply, enabling proactive management before costly damages occur.
  • 24/7 Monitoring and Customer Support: To complement the technological components, Eddy Solutions offers around-the-clock monitoring and customer support. This service ensures that all alerts are promptly addressed, providing property managers and residents alike with peace of mind and constant protection against potential water damage.

Integrating These Technologies into Your Property

Implementing the Eddy Leak Protection System involves a straightforward setup process where the Eddy IQ controller and H2O Sensors are strategically placed throughout the property. Once installed, the system is continuously monitored.

The combination of smart automatic shut off valves and H2O Sensors creates a closed-loop system that not only detects and alerts but also acts by shutting down the water supply if necessary, significantly minimizing the risk of water damage. This level of control and prevention is especially critical in larger complexes where the extent of damage can be vast and costly.

By adopting the Eddy Leak Protection System, properties can avoid the typical pitfalls associated with water damage, including high repair costs, disruption of life and business, and increased insurance premiums. Moreover, the system’s ability to provide detailed water usage analytics offers an additional benefit of optimizing water consumption, which can lead to significant cost savings and environmental sustainability.

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